If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I was very impressed with my office visit. I am a new patient and had a problem. Dr. Weaver took me the morning I called. He was very calm in explaining my problem and telling me options that would be talked about after my oral surgery. He was very professional. I’ll be back!”
— Joann

“I have been a patient of Dr. Weaver’s for many years and could not be more pleased with the quality of care I have received throughout. In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Weaver’s concern for my health is always felt (and truly appreciated). Dr. Weaver’s staff is outstanding and exhibit the same professionalism and excellence of care. Whether new to the Triangle or a long-time resident, I would highly recommend visiting Dr. Weaver and his staff for dental care.” — Paul

“Your kindness is greatly appreciated. My bite guard is perfect and I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. You are a superb dentist.” — Robin

“Dr. Weaver is very kind and professional. I’ve seen him for around 15 years and had no issues with my teeth. This month I had some work done and he and his assistant were great. Otherwise, I’ve enjoyed seeing Jacquie for the teeth cleanings.” — Tracy

“When I was 19 years old, I was diagnosed with TMJ. I carry my stress in my jaws. I was a terrible teeth grinder, which did damage to my teeth. I have worn a guard and a nightguard for years. About 19 years ago, I had a dentist who suggested veneers and I did 4 of them on the front teeth. I was not pleased with my smile and this turned out to be a bad experience.

“The time came when I needed to do something about this. I really was not happy with my teeth. I was so conscious about them that I did not smile. Dr. Weaver asked me if I was pleased with my smile and I told him no. He told me he could give me a smile that I would be happy with. He took pictures and molds of my teeth, and when my new models came back with what my smile would look like, I was so shocked I couldn’t believe that my teeth could be that beautiful. I still sat on the fence for a while because I was trying to figure out the financial part of this and I had a lot of fear because my first experience had been so bad.

“When I finally decided, okay it’s time, Dr. Weaver assured me that I would be fine and his staff was wonderful. We made my first appointment for the occlusal adjustment. I was really nervous about this appointment, however, it was not bad at all. I noticed that the tension in my jaws, the headaches, and neck aches have all gone away. So now we are ready for the next appointment. I was able to relax with some medicine and we were on our way. I was apprehensive about how the temporary was going to look because I work with the public.

“I was very pleased when I left the office that day and things only got better. Thanks to Dr. Weaver and his staff!” — Tracy

“After my initial visit to Dr. Greg Weaver’s practice, I was in awe. The customer service was above and beyond anything I had experienced! From the front desk personnel to the technicians to Dr. Weaver, I actually felt that I was valued as a client. I told Dr. Weaver that he and his staff needed to offer seminars in customer service to businesses everywhere.

“While having a routine cleaning and subsequently further dental work, I experienced top-of-the-line modern equipment and full explanations of what was going on. I was even given a blanket when I got cold! Crowns were made in one visit, which really helped with my busy schedule. None of this temporary crown, then returning 6 weeks later to get the permanent one. All of it was done in one appointment at Dr. Weaver’s.

“The total experience was fantastic, but I think the real joy for me was after sharing my TMJ woes that I have endured for years, Dr. Weaver adjusted my bite. I was driving home later that day and I yawned. Dreading the discomfort I knew was coming when my jaws open that wide, I waited. I was stunned when I felt nothing! I almost cried.

“Even my massage therapist that I have gone to for years noticed and commented with a ‘wow!’ I can’t wait to bite into an apple instead of having to cut it into pieces! Thank you, Dr. Weaver and staff!!”
— Virgilia

“I have just finished the process of getting a dental implant near the front of my mouth. It was the best solution for my situation because it’s like having one of my very own teeth and requires no special care. I opted for anesthesia when the surgeon placed the post, so the surgery was painless and not at all scary. While I was still somewhat anesthetized, my husband drove me to Dr. Weaver’s to have the temporary tooth put on. I felt fine the rest of day.

“I wore the temporary for about six months to allow healing, then Dr. Weaver glued the new porcelain tooth onto the post. I was never in pain at any time, and the whole process has been remarkably easy and stress-free. I am very pleased with Dr. Weaver’s thoughtful, meticulous work, and my beautiful smile!” — Leslie